iMato Disposable Protective Mask

iMato Disposable Protective Mask

Announcing iMato Disposable Protective Masks aimed to ensure the safety of our community and the general population.

 A leading medical supply manufacturer in China ,Guangzhou ShuRun Medical Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, is partnering with Shenzhen iMato Technology Co., Ltd. and launching an unrestrictive availability and ease of accessibility of disposable protective masks. 

 As the infection rate of COVID19 continues to soar, the unfortunate repercussions have been a shortage and inefficient distribution of protective masks, which further exacerbates the conditions.

 iMato Disposable Masks meet the WHO standards and comply with the EU and FDA specifications. Each of products ensures protection against the novel COVID19 and minimizes the chances of cross-contamination. iMato Disposable Masks  are certified as an FFP2/KN95 level of filtering and approved as CE (Certificate of Compliance) by Ente Certificazione Macchine Srl, Italy.

 We understand the demand for these products is critically high, especially in the healthcare sector and industries where the unrestrictive supply of these products is essential. We aim to meet the gap in the supply and demand of these products and play our part in serving the community in this challenging global crisis.

 Kut’N Haus is committed to combating the increasing prevalence of novel COVID19 by ensuring the availability of protective masks to those who need it the most. Currently, we are also offering non-medical disposable masks; however, the medical disposable mask will be available soon.

Why iMato Disposable Protective Mask is different than other KN95 masks?

Trusted Manufacturers

 Shenzhen iMato Technology Co.,Ltd and Guangzhou ShuRun Medical Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is working together to produce best quality disposable mask meeting global standards. 

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iMato Disposable Protective Mask is ALSO registered on FDA

 iMato Disposable Protective Mask is registered as surgical apparel device of device class 1 under regulation number 878.4040. iMato disposable Protective Mask is definitely safe to use for everyday life.


100% Legit Product Guaranteed.

 Not like many other products on the market, iMato Disposable Protective Mask is reliable. If our manufacturer's information is not on the packaging, it is not iMato mask!


 Even though, iMato Disposable Protective Mask meets KN95 and FFP2 standards, this mask is approved in U.S only for NON-MEDICAL PURPOSE only.

* For healthcare providers, please check the CDC's recommended products under FDA Appendix A. Under EUA ( Emergency Use Athorization), the general publics are NOT permitted purchasing KN95 masks listed in FDA's Appendix A.

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